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Cashmere by KID for Fernando Frisoni Collaboration

19 April 2010 | 3 Comments

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Owning a cashmere garment used to be a privilege now it seems everyone has one. But not everyone has one as special as this one. Cashmere comes in all shapes and sizes, literally; the fibre can be thick or thin, course or smooth, long or short.

These factors determine the quality of the yarn once it is spun and ultimately the quality of your garment. They are what separate the goats from the sheep, so to speak. When it comes to cashmere the thinner, the smoother, the longer, the better.

Fernando Frisoni & KID go to great lengths to source premium grade cashmere, this garment will pill less over a longer time. And that’s why your cashmere garment is is better than everyone elses.

As if you needed another reason to love your cashmere, when you invest in a KID garment, you buy a little piece of conscience because:

• Cashmere is a renewable and sustainable resource

• KID garments are hand-knitted on eco-friendly sustainable community on hand-operated looms and are coloured with non-toxic dyes

• KID cares for people – they believe that everything looks more beautiful when no-one is exploited to create it

3 Responses

  1. sandie Says:

    Hi, i bought cashmere by Kid in Shanghai a few years ago through Peter and Sophie and was wondering if you have a contact for them. Would like to buy some more. Thanks, Sandie Dahan

  2. STRANGE?? Says:


  3. Peter Says:

    designers for KID – based in Shanghai.

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