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Award Winner of the L’Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival Designer Award, Presented by Woolmark, Sponsored by Vogue.
This exclusive full collection is available to Shop Now.

Select Mens/Womens pieces from the Autumn/Winter 2011 collection from Melbourne based Alpha 60.

Nathan Smith has cancelled his Menswear collection for this season.

Melbourne based Phong Chi Lai, now in his 4th collection of handmade womens shoes.

This interview has been conducted via the PR Agent (MCMPR) of Gary Bigeni. Please refer to this post for his full collection.

Gary Bigeni: Coming of Age

Gary Bigeni’s eponymous label has become the contemporary Australian brand for fluid basics, form-fitting drapery, modern knitwear and more recently luxurious soft leathers. This year Bigeni turns 30, and in lieu of this coming of age, he’s produced his most self-reflective collection to date, and one that truly pulls him into the limelight as an international talent.

For autumn/winter 2011, Bigeni extends from the traditional colour palette, drawing inspiration from contemporary American painter Jacob Lawrence for a truly insightful offering.

We spent five minutes with Bigeni as he presented his latest collection in the MCMPR showroom.

What is it that you identify with in Jacob Lawrence’s work and how does it reflect in your collection?

I identify with the use of colour in his work. He creates colours within shape and shape within a picture. This is how I’d like to look at my work progressing forward.

This collection feels even more personal than the others. Do you feel you’ve gone deeper into yourself via exploration of Lawrence’s work?

This collection feels more reflective of my own personal style and as a result sees an exploration of colour in everyday life. Colour is part of life and can reflect someone’s feelings and reactions. Like myself, I want my customers to not be afraid of colour. We’re only human.

What’s different in this collection from past?

I have further developed my use of leather, inserting it as panels into cashmere tailoring to create a colour-blocking effect. I also added heavier knits to the collection for the first time providing different texture options.

How should it be worn?

I like women to look at my collection and be able to relate to it. I want the wearer to create her own look with my pieces that suits her everyday life.

Your own personal style is quite different to the collections you produce for women – how do you separate the two?

I love how they are different; I feel life doesn’t have to be about matching things. It can be a funny puzzle that only I know how it goes together.

There’s a lot of detail in specific pieces this season. What should your customers really look out for this time?

My customers should look out for the stunning midnight blue one seam silk crepe dress, caramel cashmere dinner jacket with a leather panel across the back, and a sublime lime green collarless leather jacket. Also my signature draping pieces in the jersey are timeless investments, they are clean, chic and can go with anything.

Emma: My love affair with shoes began with a pair of black patent Mary-Janes when I was just 5 years old. Since that moment I have searched for the perfect shoe, one both functional and beautiful, practical and stylish.

However, disenchanted and frustrated with my search I made a life-changing decision: to learn everything I could with a view to creating my own shoes!

This decision took me to London and around Australia, to learn my craft. I came to see the most comprehensive and ‘pure’ method of shoemaking in the Italian style named ‘Lunati’. This involves first creating paper shoes and then transposing them to leather to ensure a perfect fit.

Taking ‘Lunati’ as my process and working from my studio in Melbourne, I design and make my creations by hand, with all the materials sourced in Melbourne. Leather being my tool, it is used in all my designs for the uppers, lining and soles. I carve and stack heels from leather and wood and modify resin heels.

My shoes are an expression of me, therefore the quality and workmanship involved is utmost. I aim to produce classic, yet progressive creations suitable for all.

Mens Boots

Womens Shoes

Melbourne based Orri Henrisson presents a timeless and barren wasteland with a fractured narrative of two characters portraying vastly different emotions, whose lives intersect, all be it briefly. The film attempts to show the power of image as opposed to linear storytelling, specifically focusing on light and the hard contrasts it presents.

Director: Liam Gilmour
Producer: Liam Gilmour and Henry Ng
Director of Photography: Pete Ryle and Thomas Frimml
Stylist: Jordan Moore
Cast: Samuel Nicolausson (Marble House) and Hal Cheshire (GIANT)

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