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A collection of hand crafted bow ties from start to finish using Australian leathers in Australia. S/S 2010-11 coming soon.

Owning a cashmere garment used to be a privilege now it seems everyone has one. But not everyone has one as special as this one. Cashmere comes in all shapes and sizes, literally; the fibre can be thick or thin, course or smooth, long or short.

These factors determine the quality of the yarn once it is spun and ultimately the quality of your garment. They are what separate the goats from the sheep, so to speak. When it comes to cashmere the thinner, the smoother, the longer, the better.

Fernando Frisoni & KID go to great lengths to source premium grade cashmere, this garment will pill less over a longer time. And that’s why your cashmere garment is is better than everyone elses.

Sydney based Bassike, expanding into a broader wardrobe, far from their basics ranges of previous years.

Designed in Paddington (Sydney) by Jim Thompson this collection is a fresh breath into the dark aesthetic wave of designers. Paired with Andrew McDonald shoes a Paul Harnden inspiration could be taken, however with an Australian flavour present. Fabrics have been sourced from Japan. Now in it’s second collection, Three Over One continues to expand it’s range of “Honest, Hardworking Men’s Apparel”.

New Sydney label Handom, this is their debut collection.

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