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A Brooklyn based brand that was founded by an architect and an industrial designer who came together to explore their capabilities of making objects. Experimenting with newest digital manufacturing methods to communicate ideas through jewellery design.

A continuation on the introduction to S A I D here.
Photography by Scott Lowe.

Introducing the first contemporary collection by Stephanie Said. Previously employed as Akira Isogawa’s design assistant and at Chronicles of Never as production manager this collection has been in the works for some 8 years. Based around the beginnings of geometry and bringing simple origami paper folds to metal, her designs are strong in character yet beautifully clever. Moving parts within the collection bring an element of sound, light and play to the jewellery. More can be seen here.

Brent Gold in his Sydney studio shows us his upcoming Paris collection. Henson will be showing at the Tranoi Homme tradeshow at Palais de la Bourse from June 29th 2013.

After a particularly well-received launch last year, the Melbourne Metal Collective has decided to join forces once again for LMFF 2012.

Organised by jewelers, for jewelers, the MMC was launched in 2011 in order to create a support platform that would allow local talents to approach buyers and media as a force rather than solo.

Four designers from the original line up have remained: Henson, Young Hunting, Estelle Dévé and Hamish Munro. Added to this line up in 2012 are three new upcoming talents: O.T.T by Lia T, Alexandra Blak & Maripossa.

All seven designers have developed their very own strong identities, and are carried by leading boutiques in Australia and abroad. While their aesthetics are very different (some work with neon latex, others with Perspex, others with silver and gold) there is somehow a harmony of their personal aesthetics when observing their work as a collective.

Jewellery isn’t disposable, it stays with you, on you or in your drawer, or with a friend or lover, forever. It is lost, found, worn again and passed around. Pieces of personal adornment remind people of chapters in their lives, they act as tokens to trigger memories of times, styles and desires present and past.

This year, Henson’s collection, Enta, embraces the concept of charms as chapters, telling the story of seven different characters, each profoundly powerful in different ways. Together, the seven can grant passage between our world and the world of the dead, but the heptad are not easily found, nor easily persuaded.

Henson’s collection is an exploration of the bribes and baubles these seven mystic figures have garnered as payment over the aeons.

Like a book, the story of these seven will unveil itself slowly. Every six weeks, Henson will reveal a new character, and along with them, their treasures.

The first in this series is the hunter, a young man whose stillness and solemnity belies his strength. The hunter is attracted to the takes of the chase, claiming prize catches like teeth, bones, leather and feathers from those who seek to pay him. His collection remains rough hewn, close to the state of nature from which he derives his sustenance, with sharpened flashes of bronze, copper and sterling silver. The hunter’s deep calm is represented with lapis, while his bloodlust spills through in sanguine garnets.

Each chapter in Henson’s series will open with a unique image – a photographic portrait of the chapter’s protagonist produced in collaboration with some of the label’s favourite artists.

This slow release project will ultimately culminate in an exhibition of the photographs produced, and the objects that inspired them. Later chapters will include Henson’s first foray into fine jewellery, utilising both gold and precious stones.

Henson’s narrative allows the designers to explore every facet of their label’s aesthetic, while at the same time maintaining a continuity of form.

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To coincide with the upcomming new delivery of Henson pieces from the second iteration of the Cælestis collection, here are some new exclusive imagery.

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