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Nathan Smith is back with his Menswear line for Summer.

Please note: Nathan is presently on hiatus from designing Menswear.

Nathan Smith has cancelled his Menswear collection for this season.

A preview of what’s to come.

Model: Felix @ Priscilla’s

If you are a man, add the voile men’s shirt in say, black to the charcoal pant, ground down with brogues, boat-shoes or whatever takes your fancy and what emerges is an outfit that transits from beach to the office and into the night.

Working in tandem, apart or twisted and scooped into something else, each piece adheres to Smiths’ philosophy: there are no rules. Steal a piece from the other sex? It doesn’t matter. Rip the sleeves off? He’d probably admire your audacity. Even wear the tee dress with nothing at all underneath and he may just appreciate your smile.

Model: Brendan @ Priscilla’s

Another fantastic collection from Nathan Smith, most pieces below are unisex.

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