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LMFF – L’Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival – 2007

Romance Was Born
Friedrich Gray
Material Boy

LMFF – L’Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival – 2007 from For-Tomorrow.

Designers featured: Featuring: Dion Lee, Ellery, Friedrich Gray, Gail Sorronda, Konstantina Mittas, Lui Hon, Romance Was Born, Saint Augustine Academy, Seventh Wonderland, Stolen Girlfriends Club and Therese Rawsthorne. There are very few mens looks, of which one Lui Hon look was in with Friedrich Gray and visa vera.

Filmed on Saturday 28th August 2010 at 8:30pm, by For-Tomorrow.

After a suspenseful delay, the show erupted into life gradually through a series of effects: smoke began to creep down a runway constructed by soil and rocks, from an entrance framed by artificial trees and shrubbery; simultaneously, the animal noises which had been playing during the seating procedure grew louder, lover-layered by sounds of tribal drums. This prehistoric theme was reinforced further when the models appeared one by one dressed in flamboyant and vibrantly coloured pieces. They each had large gold claws attached to their fingernails, but this was the only real similarity. Every single model, male or female, had been made up with different eccentric make up and hair styles. The outfits although adhering to the same theme were vastly different, with the exception of a reoccurring multicoloured print. One model was painted black, one female model on a male model’s shoulders, one hidden almost entirely by a volcano structured dress, to name a few. The finale was also unconventional, the music changing to a typically 80s Madonna song and with every model walking in formation down the runway at once, much like a pack of dinosours.

In 2006 prior to Rosemount becoming the major sponsor of Australian Fashion Week, Mercedes Australian Fashion Week held a start-up show for up and coming designers with cash prize incentives.

The video includes various designers such as Romance Was Born, Saint Augustine Academy, Silences is Golden and Christopher Esber.

Bring it back?

Includes Material Boy, Alpha 60, Illionaire, Romance Was Born, Trimapee and TV.


This summer Romance Was Born combine slick digital printing with a treasure trove of grandma styling and old world charm. Highlights this season include the linen come silk seaside pants and the Budgie hoodies, which come complete with sequined epaulettes. Silk short shorts and bumfall cardigans are emblazoned with a crochet blanket print while Perth artist Patrick Doherty lends his lucid paintings to silk t-shirts and black and white print cotton tops. The overall look? Seashore couture.

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