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Currently browsing Spring/Summer 2010/11

This is the Look for the collection titled ‘So the Wind Won’t Blow it all Away’. This collection was also photographed at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week by For-Tomorrow.

An Ian Nessick / Maurice Terzini collaboration.
For more info please read this earlier blog.

With a shift from Australian to American production, Mjolks Australian roots are still ever present with 60% of their current production still on our shores.

At the beginning of the design period for this collection, Mjölk moved permanently into a new studio in the Chinatown section of Manhattan. As designer Lars Stoten rode his bike up the East River to the studio every morning, he was faced on one side with the majesty of the East River, and on the other with the grit and pungency of New York City in the summertime. The space occupied while designing is essential to concept development for the Mjölk collections, and this season it is the clash of generations and cultures, the dichotomies of old and new, the smells, colors, and textures, the beauty and adness of downtown Manhattan and its history, that show through in the range. These sensory observations led to intensive, eclectic conceptual research. The history of industrial New York and Coney Island, Depression-era photography, aerial views of farmland, stained glass windows, and contemporary art all inspired the balanced and distinctive range of colors and shapes this season.

Palette, proportion, and sense of line further dictate the theme and personality of the range. An exercise in color theory and the art of design, the Mjölk Spring/Summer 2011 collection draws from the mechanics and history of visual art, focusing on relationships between colors and shapes, and the affect these manipulations have on the viewer. Bold primary colors give way to subtle secondary and tertiary shades of green, burgundy, soft brown, and warm grey, allowing magnanimously disjointed looks to come together in chromatic harmony when the collection is viewed as a whole. Carefully calculated
combinations and distributions of hues, patterns, and textures pay homage to aesthetics and the visual sense, creating a spirit of subtle affability, visual coherence, and focused artistry throughout the line.

In Mjölk’s ongoing commitment to craftsmanship, the collection features hand-finished leather detailing, antique leather buttons, hand-knitted lambswool, Liberty prints, tailored garments in Japanese cotton, and rain macs developed with a family-run company in Boston who has specialized in coats for area fishermen for generations. The spring line also features hand-cobbled Italian shoes, and a full series of leather goods. One of New York City’s only remaining belt-makers hand-crafted this season’s belts using leather also sourced in Manhattan and buckles forged in Rhode Island. Location, palette, and craft converge in one of Mjölk’s most distinctive collections.

An exclusive look at the Saint Augustine Academy – ‘Crystal Ballroom’ – ‘Room for the memory’ – Spring/Summer 2010/11 Campaign.

Photography: Bridget Mac.

Full collection currently available online at For-Tomorrow.

Song for the Mute have delivered a special package with a limited run, it includes a mini look book of the ‘Au Clair’ S/S 2010-11 collection and the debut EP from Bricks of Berlin, an independent electronic band from Sydney.

Bricks of Berlin have been responsible for all of Song for the Mutes soundtracks since their inception and this is just one of the many collaborations between the two parties.

A handful of these packages will be distributed to our customers.

There will also be a launch to celebrate the launch of this debut EP and collaboration. This launch will be opened to the public and there will be extra copies of the EP given out to those who attend.

Furthermore, a new delivery of Song for the Mute, ‘Au Clair’ S/S 2010-11 stock that is sold out Aus wide has just dropped, get in quick.

Keep an eye out for more details.

From Britten, a relatively new menswear brand from Melbourne, now in their second season. “Combining conceptual ideas with classic principles, endeavoring to create style that is characterised by its simplicity, proportion, detail and importantly restraint.”

Designers featured: Featuring: Dion Lee, Ellery, Friedrich Gray, Gail Sorronda, Konstantina Mittas, Lui Hon, Romance Was Born, Saint Augustine Academy, Seventh Wonderland, Stolen Girlfriends Club and Therese Rawsthorne. There are very few mens looks, of which one Lui Hon look was in with Friedrich Gray and visa vera.

Filmed on Saturday 28th August 2010 at 8:30pm, by For-Tomorrow.

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