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Chronicles of Never – Paris – F/W – 2011-12 – Showroom

22 January 2011 | 8 Comments

Showcased within a sandstone cellar, the full collection will be presented to select international buyers for the duration of Paris Homme Fashion Week.

8 Responses

  1. Seb Says:

    What I would give for all these clothes….

  2. skeleton boy Says:

    ….. x 2. Loving the earthy colour palette here, the rich rusty reds & stoney greys. Really enjoying the way the label is evolving, can’t wait till the collection drops here.

  3. Loz Says:

    Ooh Jonny! Don’t know about that, but does it seam like these guys are just rehashing old stuff,except for the colour palette? I just saw the lookbooks for CON and the diffusion line and the styles and cuts are pretty much all repeats..? Please correct me if I’m wrong!

  4. ke Says:

    are we going to see any private mic eaton shows or is he MIA?

  5. Robin K Says:

    Also saw this collection in Paris and liked it, the colour palette as other has mentioned were fresh with earthy tones and the collection had more lengthy pieces than the SS/11 one.

  6. Laura Says:

    Whats with this and other Aussie labels moving so much in the direction of following European silhouettes and garments? Doubt you could wear most of this in Australia, well maybe for 2 weeks. CON used to be so much more casual and relaxed..

  7. jefske Says:

    the label is evolving very consistently with a nice swatch of fabrics
    CON is definitely one of the most exciting coming out of Australia today and i think the subtle variations on the new collection is a much more efficient way to maintain their followers’ desire to wear the label and attract new fans who are intrigued by their design ethos.

  8. brisbanewithlove Says:

    I dont agree with you laura i think it is that australia is such a small shitty country that these labels cannot do business in them that they have to go overseas and represent their label in that manner to be some what successful.. i think f-t are also showing the brands in this new light now too, its all good in my books because this is the future of aus fashion, like it or fuck off

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