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Emma Mullholland – Spring/Summer 2011/12

28 August 2011 | One Comment

One Response

  1. zyzz Says:

    what is this doing on a fashion blog the calibre of FT? why must the FT readership be visually raped by this hideous offering which resembles all the worst elements of Cassette Playa, but, of course, years after that brand’s hint of pioneering originality has waned. or perhaps it is supposed to be a post-GFC, $2 shop, shoe string budget Romance Was Born? Zany prints and repulsive, mismatched colours have certainly had success before, but seldom when thrown together with such little aplomb that the magnum opus may just as well have been strung together from OH&S hi-vis off cuts bin.

    as for the video, using final cut mirroring, moody electronica and stop/start motion in a shallow and weak attempt to ride on the coat tails of Ruth Hogben’s now signature cinematography for Gareth Pugh is insulting to the viewers intelligence. of course we can see what you are doing: you are making a limp-wristed attempt to knock off what has been a successful video style for a top shelf brand to flog your own crummy, ill-conceived, guff.

    congratulations to the eponymous designer on what would be a sound effort for a high school fancy dress project, but if anyone involved with this enterprise believes that what they are dishing up could in any way be described as ‘fashion’ then they are gravely mistaken. emma has been very courageous in putting her name to this collection, but it would be just as well to save herself and her ‘collaborators’ any further embarrassment and move on to a different field of endeavour.

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