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Emma the Shoemaker

28 March 2011 | 2 Comments

Emma: My love affair with shoes began with a pair of black patent Mary-Janes when I was just 5 years old. Since that moment I have searched for the perfect shoe, one both functional and beautiful, practical and stylish.

However, disenchanted and frustrated with my search I made a life-changing decision: to learn everything I could with a view to creating my own shoes!

This decision took me to London and around Australia, to learn my craft. I came to see the most comprehensive and ‘pure’ method of shoemaking in the Italian style named ‘Lunati’. This involves first creating paper shoes and then transposing them to leather to ensure a perfect fit.

Taking ‘Lunati’ as my process and working from my studio in Melbourne, I design and make my creations by hand, with all the materials sourced in Melbourne. Leather being my tool, it is used in all my designs for the uppers, lining and soles. I carve and stack heels from leather and wood and modify resin heels.

My shoes are an expression of me, therefore the quality and workmanship involved is utmost. I aim to produce classic, yet progressive creations suitable for all.

Mens Boot

Mens Sandal

Mens Shoe

Womens Bootie 1

Womens Bootie 2

Womens Londoner Outside

Womens Side Tie

Womens The Caroline

2 Responses

  1. Karrina Rigby Says:

    Hi Emma,
    I was wondering whether you still take enquiries as to custom designed shoes? I’m particularly searching for someone to make a design of bridal shoes for my wedding in October 2013.
    Hope we can discuss 🙂

  2. For-Tomorrow Says:

    Please email

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