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Henson Jewellery – Cælestis – Spring/Summer 2010/11 – Detailed Shots

7 July 2010 | 2 Comments

_ Cælestis
from L. “heavenly, pertaining to the sky,

With notions of infinite galaxies and heavenly plains, the breakout label’s new range, ‘Cælestis’, takes inspiration from a primordial, intangible mother of being.

Concerned primarily with the manipulation of metals, Henson has ceased to be a jewellery label and has transformed into an alchemist of sorts- mixing minerals silver and brass with irreverent unorthodoxy and bringing light to dark places. Indeed, the label has grown from its broody beginnings and is illuminating sinister edges to offer greater accessibility to its already bloated fan base. But don’t be easily fooled- the shadowy corners still remain for die-hard Henson devotees.

From the ‘Big Dog’ constellation necklace- modelled on the actual constellation as it can be seen from the Southern Hemisphere at night- to sun dials in the form of cuffs, rings and necklaces, Henson tracks the movement of celestial objects as they pass, largely unseen, in and around us. Moon face rings mimic a sleeping planet while crystal rock pendants whisper ancient secrets and silver cuffs turn to gold as the light hits them.

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