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Ksubi – Autumn/Winter 2012

17 October 2011 | 7 Comments

7 Responses

  1. Christian Hardie Says:

    Another boring, uninspired collection full of ill fitting, over priced, poor quality garments. I wonder if they will re-print the same shit on their t-shirts for the 8th season. What happened to the inspiring, creative, rebellious streak that gave the young Australian clothing market a kick in the pants in the early noughties? Oh thats right it, disappeared when Gareth Moody moved on…..

  2. Seb Says:

    ^^^^ Couldnt agree more, boring, simple and the garments quality is shamefully horrible. The only good stockist of T/Ksubi is ebay, nothing will come close to the early seasons

  3. d Says:

    haters always gonna hate, i bet you liked Ksubi’s stuff in the first few seasons cause you read somewhere it was cool and then when you read it wasnt cool anymore you stopped liking it and you moved onto whatever else you were told was cool.Emperors new clothes type deal… Is Gareth less cool now Black Noise white rain is stocked at General pants? i seen a guy out of short stack wearing a C.O.N shirt on T.V the other day, does that effect Gareths street cred , will he still be your ” IT” designer?

  4. Christian Hardie Says:

    “haters always gonna hate”…how cliche. You have missed the point entirely d. Your perceived paranoia about being ‘cool’ is unfounded. The statement was regarding the decline in ksubi/tsubi’s garment design, inspiration, direction (or lack thereof), fit & quality. Gareth Moody’s departure from the brand coincided with this obvious downfall. But you convinced yourself of schoolyard politics regarding who is an ‘it’ designer or what is ‘cool’. You did get one thing right though, I was a Ksubi/Tsubi fan. That is until they started insulting their consumers by producing the shit they call a collection these days. In regards to CoN/BNWR they produce well designed/made, innovative (for the Australian market) garments with a focus on fabrics & fit. If they fail to continue to do so, as Ksubi has, they will fall by the wayside too. For the record, I still wear CoN/BNWR & my original Tsubi’s despite them not being ‘cool’ by your reckoning d.

  5. Charles Says:

    not impressed at all.

  6. mitch Says:

    This is really an uninspired and miss-matched offering..

    I must say to the comments above though, lets get the facts straight. Ksubi is now run by an umbrella company called Bleach which also owns Insight and One Teaspoon. This corporate-run shift and commercially driven creative agenda is the real reason for Ksubi’s disappointing collections and lack of market credibility, those who bought the flailing brand are keen to get their money back but this was never the aim or the reason for Ksubi’s original success.

    To say that without Moody Ksubi is nothing is an affront to the vision and creative flair of George Gorrow, Dan Single and the other 2 original founders of the brand who started before Gareth was even brought in. I would suggest that the funds needed to buy him out and the negative press surrounding his departure and Ksubi’s subsequent financial woes had more of an impact on Ksubi’s collections and fans than losing him as a designer. The brand seemed to cope fine while Gareth spent a year in New York, another reason that has been said to have widened the gap between him and his partners.

    Any way you look at it though, it is a shame that such a great Aussie label now seems to be all but dead.

  7. Ron Says:

    Such a disappointment, I love ksubi… But looking at this, none of these are even wearable! I must say, this is one of their worst collections they ever had.

    The only collection that I really liked the most was their 2010 “Successful Business” collection. I loved so many of the pieces from that collection. It is overboard, but yet they managed to keep it simple and eye catching.

    WAR 2012 is a fail. Bring something back similar to Successful Business please!

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