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Material Boy – New Website –

10 June 2009 | 15 Comments

New website from Material Boy.

15 Responses

  1. jefske Says:

    wow material boy SS collection showing in Paris?!

  2. The Fashionisto Says:

    About time. 🙂

    BTW, you forgot the http:// in your link so it’s not working.

  3. ben Says:

    does anyone know what’s happening with material boy?
    the ‘new’ site was closed down and I can’t find any news on material boy…
    also, anywhere selling old mb stock other than purest cut?

  4. Pureby Says:

    Yeah Material Boy is no longer, it changed to Mic Eaton homme, he moved to Antwerp and is perusing his designing over there. He is on the Belgium based RA13 showroom website.

  5. spm Says:

    the RA13 e-shop opens this december, closer to christmas. i heard from a source the inspiration for aw10 and it sounds pretty cool. plus the write up on RA is interesting. but he’s still definitely designing and has new stuff coming out soon. apparently.

    if you’re looking for old stock i know welcome hunters LA have some old abadigital. i have a contact in japan who also has some old abadigital stock, but the yen makes it a little expensive to buy, although he did have some super rare pieces last time i spoke to him (thru babel fish mind you!). seven new york have got old season ss08 another boy.

    if you’re in melb you can always inquire at trimapee. i know they had a box of lucid object stock although most of the good stuff has sold. they’d be a good starting point locally to be honest.

    what are you after specifically?

  6. For-Tomorrow Says:


    SPM is your go to guy for M.B, we can vouch for that.

  7. ben Says:

    haha sorry spm?
    i was looking for some of the lucid asymmetric cut t’s and singlets, and another magnatee t from the abadigital range

  8. ben Says:

    sorry i just realised what spm was.
    Cheers for your help, finding some gear already!

  9. spm Says:

    it’s not what, rather who.

    i’d check with trimapee re: lucid. altho most of the asym tops are probably sold, sorry.

    welcome hunters have magnetees.

  10. Andy Foxx Says:

    so its 2010 and i want to get my
    hands on some old MB anyone know anything?
    this jazz is MIA?

  11. For-Tomorrow Says:

  12. spm Says:

    go to ra13 andy

  13. spm Says:

    actually, check out although images don’t seem to load properly… yet.

  14. Andy Foxx Says:

    hey i checked out r13
    it wont let me click on it or open material boy
    and i hit up and yeah i dont know
    i just want to buy some stuff lol

  15. For-Tomorrow Says:

    Try internet explorer or a newer version firefox.

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