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Mjolk – S/S 2010 – Northern Hemisphere

28 July 2009 | 14 Comments

Here are the actual 2010 Northern Hemisphere looks.

14 Responses

  1. Serian Says:


  2. Sweetface McGee Says:

    love those baggy cropped trousers! Love how Mjolk continue to evolve but get better and better each year..
    Why dont guys in Sydney dress like this????

    NOTE to BOYS: give up your stinky-balls black skinny jeans for a while! If I see one more guy wearing all black with a ratty t-shirt and drapey loose cardigan and pork-pie hat I’m gonna puke. Ever heard of colour?

  3. max Says:

    Really liking this up and coming season. Imo Mjolk seemed to go downhill a bit but looks like Lars will be heading in the right direction from now on.

  4. spm Says:


  5. Sebastian Says:

    To: “Sweetface McGee”
    Please don’t knock the colour black, because brands like ann d, rick owens, damir doma, odyn vovk will wreck you. i understand that silly indie look your on about, but drapery is a killer look if you know how to pull it off. So shh

    Mjolk gets better each season, very pleased. Knew sandals would be in this summer a mile ago

  6. Cream Pants Says:

    Indeed. Drapery is a killer look if you know how to pull it off. But most people are NOT rick owens nor damir doma models. So shh.

  7. JeremyH Says:

    Absolutely beautiful. I dont think there has been any downhill I just see these guys getting better and better. Thanks F-T!

  8. goliath Says:

    It won’t come to Aus for another year ๐Ÿ™

  9. Kat Says:

    OMG this is beautiful! wish I was a lad..

  10. morgan Says:

    I hear Mjolk might be opening a store in melbourne soon!! cant wait, will mean i can get their clothes without having to order online

  11. For-Tomorrow Says:

    They already have a store, it’s called Farewell Lucy Coconut, aka the Mjolk studio.

  12. Andrew Says:

    I thought Farewell Lucy Coconut was no more after Mjolk’s move to NY? (or so i had heard?)

    Where is it? Somewhere Guilford Lane I believe?

  13. For-Tomorrow Says:

    Walk down Guilford lane, look for this sign, enter and walk up stairs:

  14. | ZAMARTZ Says:

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