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Remember when?

28 February 2009 | 2 Comments

In 2005 when Mjolk wasn’t world famous and Patty P. Bone Pebbles from The Whiskey Go Gos was Mjolks muse for 2 seasons.

Filmed at Australian Fashion Week in Sydney.

Video care of F-T archived Pedestrian.TV(Pedestrian Group, 2005), left in original unedited form.

2 Responses

  1. Gypo Says:

    I was there! These guys were so ahead of their time. There are so many brands playing catch up on this style even now 3 years later. I love seeing how brands evolve.These guys have done that while still remaining true! Respect to Mjolk!

  2. Gypo Says:

    oh and thanks F-T for the memories!!

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