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Yohan Serfaty – Designers Hand

30 June 2011 | 32 Comments

32 Responses

  1. Joshua Says:

    I have been waiting for this style of urban tribal to make a re-appearence.

  2. spm Says:

    will this be available in the near future from our favourite online store perchance….?

  3. For-Tomorrow Says:

    SPM, yes!

  4. SPM Says:

    email the instant it arrives? oh and inbox price point too if you can! thanks.

  5. Ed Rosario Says:

    how I can get this piece. And price

  6. For-Tomorrow Says:


  7. Nile Says:

    I want one.

  8. For-Tomorrow Says:


  9. Sheeda Says:

    I would like to have this one , have female size? Can inbox me the price ?

  10. For-Tomorrow Says:

    Sheeda – please email urgently.

  11. THaze Says:

    Yes plz email or message me to where I can buy this product from.

  12. For-Tomorrow Says:

    Please email: or 24:7 help.

  13. Eleanor holcombe Says:

    This is beautiful, where do i get this from?!!!

  14. For-Tomorrow Says:

  15. Jack underwood Says:

    awsome….I would love to have this piece of art. There are no word as to how beautiful this piece this is.

  16. For-Tomorrow Says:

  17. Eric Says:

    sweet…what about that ring? who makes?

  18. For-Tomorrow Says:


  19. Anshu Says:

    Hey i am interested in buying this u have it in stock or can you tell me who is the designer and where else can i find it?

  20. Anshu Says:

    Hey where can i buy this bracelet from and do you have more pics of this bracelet so if its not available i can get it custom made and who is the designer?

  21. Michael Roussel Says:

    Hello how much and do you send it through the world. Mauritius ?

  22. Nicole Says:

    Is this bracelet still available?

  23. Anshu Says:

    Hello is this bracelet atill available?

  24. Anshu Says:

    Do u still have this bracelet in stock?

  25. ROBERT Says:

    I’m more interested in the ring. Where can I get one?

  26. For-Tomorrow Says:

    Anshu: for 24:7 assistance.

  27. For-Tomorrow Says:

    Anshu: for 24:7 assistance.

  28. For-Tomorrow Says:

    Nicole: for 24:7 assistance.

  29. For-Tomorrow Says:

    Michael: for 24:7 assistance.

  30. For-Tomorrow Says:

    Anshu: for 24:7 assistance.

  31. For-Tomorrow Says:

    Anshu: for 24:7 assistance.

  32. For-Tomorrow Says:

    Robert: for 24:7 assistance.

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