Fashion Australia 1987 by Elina Mackay
Fashion Australia 1987 by Elina Mackay

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Fashion Australia 1987
Published by: Australian Fashion Office

287 pages

Fashion Australia is a book about fashion and lifestyle in the spheres of rural and urban society. It tells a story about the people of Australia, the arts and skills that sustain world market competition and the products that carry our Australian name to far corners of the globe.

Australia's greatest asset is its people. Their talents and experience are as diverse as their own cultural and racial background and it is what Australians produce - not just from the soil or from deep beneath the earth's surface, but with their mind and hands - that brings Australia in the 21st Century.

An area where Australians compete most successfully in the world markets is with cotton and wool. We are now in a position where our synthetic fibres account roughly one-third of all Australian textile output, placing us at a competitive advantage in world export markets for both man-made and natural fibres. Indeed , the textile, clothing and footwear industry provides ten per cent of all manufacturing jobs. We undoubtedly have the resources and innovative desertions who are achieving success both locally and overseas.
Priminister Bob Hawke '86

Fashion Australia is a visual of what is, what has been and what is to come. Fashion is energy and creative collaboration in essence of this energy.

We are a nation marked by cultural conglomerations, where media contains the underlying message and in its benign references, media exults in fashion, a fundamental aesthetic.

Fashion in Australia has newly embraced art and in this guise, forged ahead. As art eaves its magic through fabric, its impetus lies in our indigenous colour scheme. The colours of Australia are ours and our perceptions are as Australia .. new, fresh, stark and romantic.

Colour graphics are now an intrinsic part of design as there are limitations to the number of permutations and combinations that can be developed for any fashion garment. Graphics express a message of our times. They are not an application nor a decoration but an extension of images that surfaced as 'Australiana', then grew to fruition as 'Australian'.

Fabric has now become a canvas for these inner motivation, an extension of our imaginings, a tool as we concert our efforts and refine this aspect if ongoing exports are to be maintained.

Through clothes, books, posters, restaurants, painting and buildings the designer edifies with a public image that one can only aspire to. Approach, style and constant exposure make it easier to look at a product and identify its particular label, scrutinize its form and emulate a line of impressions.

Spanning from our natural resources is a balance of innovative design and wreathe of one nation. 'Fashion Australia' reflects upon this as we reshape our creative path and move into a wider sphere of accomplishment.

Challenging, outrageous, sensual.. this book extols a mode of living and as we reach beyond the mundane reality of a waiting, watching, world, the glitter recedes and we find fashion .. a compelling, passionate word.
Elina Mackay - Author
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