Morphism Bracelet<br>Blackened Brushed Silver
Morphism Bracelet
Blackened Brushed Silver

Chrønicles øf Never - Jewellery


Designed in collaboration with Stephanie Said for Chroniclesofnever, this Sterling Silver bracelet works with geometric forms on a hinged platelet. Hinges allow for pieces to shift and create sound as they rise and fall. The closure on this piece is made with a removable pin attached with delicate chain, which is inserted through the hinge and fastened with a

Delivered wrapped in anti tarnish tissue and placed in a special hand made debased fine leather pouch.
SIZE SMALL – 20mm wide, by 160mm length
SIZE LARGE – 20mm wide, 200mm length.
Australia: Next Day Express

New Zealand: Discounted Flat-rate via Airmail.

Worldwide option A: 5-10 working days via Airmail.
Worldwide option B: 3-5 working days via Tracked Courier.

Delivery prices will be presented to you upon checkout.

Size :

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